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AxisContr. without outp. stage

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The intelligent part of the AxisController for our Multi-Controller MCS

It has to intelligently care for any axis. It is "told" which one it is responsible for and how it has to "behave". You have to confirm its "responsibility" when ordering.

MCSK1 AxisController without output stage
The equipment components include:

  • 8bit Microcontroller with firmware - order reception from the Master via the BUS-board, flashable via Master and PC, Motorcontrol and supervision

  • In-/Outputs for the motorcontrol - OpenCollector-outputs for clock, direction, current, TTL-inputs for 2 endswitches, others as option

In order to get an operative motor control, you will have to order or posses an external output stage to connect. Often, people have got output stages from other controls, but an intelligent control and the relating software are missing.

Digital in-/outputs

According to order, the cables are delivered with connection sockets. For example, when all interfaces for extensions like handwheels are mounted, the cables are connected as you see on the picture.In any case, this is the spot where the cable for the external output stages is connected.

External output stage

There is a big variety on the market. Please think of the following:

  • Direct TTL-connection or Optocoupler existing/needed - There are safety regulations and circuitry particularities. Knowledge in electronics is absolutely necessary.

  • Required data for the interaction with the axis-controller, Clock frequency to 80 kHz, ability for microstepping, separate current supply

According to order, 1 to 7 axis-controllers are aligned one beside the other as shown in the picture and connected to the BUS-board via short cables. The board is fixed by angles to the ground plate.

In the picture you see 4 Axis-Controllers. The BUS-board is equipped with all relays, not contained in the MCS Basis-Version, but available as option.

Endswitch connection

At the axis-controllers there are plug-in connectors. According to your order, we produce a connection cable with Dsub-socket and plug this cable into the axis-controller. So errors are excluded. There is only one group of connections, as the connection for the stepping motor is missing:

  • Connections to the endswitches - Normally 2-way shielded for each endswitch. With the MCS, endswitches are possible at both travel ends. At least the endswitch must be necessary for the reference position. Optionally, optocouplers can be mounted at the inputs.

The endswitches are not included in the delivery.

Special axis-controller

For some applications you need special axis-controllers with different kinds of Firmware. Important for orders:

  • AxisController for the C-Axis, if you need a spindle driven by stepping-motor, rotating around the Z-Axis. A ready solution is available, e.g.the machining unit BAE5x.

  • AxisController for the U-Axis, if you need an axis driven by stepping-motor in any kind of arrangement (rotating plate, tool-magazine, trigger element and similar). A ready solutions is available, e.g. the turning unit in different types.

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