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Basic unit

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MCS10 MultiController, basic unit

The basis of this controller is always a combination of boards and electronic components:

  • Power supply and transformator - All necessary supply tensions - Net-relay with socket for 230V-machining unit - Suppressing components

  • BUS-board basic equipment - For the connection of 3 axis-controllers - Without relays, no analogue output voltage

  • Master-board basic equipment -32bit main and 8bit output controller with Firmware- Serial port to PC - Status LEDs and security switch - No digital in-/outputs for control functions

  • Ground plate with wiring - to keep everything together

In order to make a functional control for 1 to 3 axes out of it, you must add at least:

The master

A 32bit-Microcontroller, which has a lot in it. This "dwarf" is extremely efficient, and extremely complex. As maincontroller it is responsible for central moderation tasks in the system and keeps the connection to the PC.

Systemsecurity and status-panel with Emergency STOP switch

Via the LEDs the master notifies its state of readiness and reports on the present function.The switch "locks" the communication to the PC and stops all motor actions, but does not interrupt the current supply of the controller.

For customers who control non-KOSYmachines -
Notes concerning the security of the entire system:
The user of this controller is himself responsible for the safety of the whole system. We offer some prerequisites, which have to be used and we give recommendations:

  • Emergency STOP-switch to "lock" the controller is part of the delivery

  • Interruptable input to the master to reduce the motor data

  • EMV-Safety measures

  • In the overall system you must integrate a EMERGENCY-OFF mushroom-shaped switch (RedYellow).

Power supply of stepping motors

The power supply can provide the energy for max. 5 small stepping motors with a phase current smaller 2A. If you choose axis-controllers with output stage, the supply cables are led radially from the power supply to the output stages.According to your order we mount the axis-controller on the groung plate and wire them as shown in the picture.


Connected 230V-socket

On the board of the power supply there are the relays for a 230V/800W-connection which can be switched on/off by the software (2pins).

Cable and socket are connected and part of the delivery.

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