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KSZDS21  MAX-Dispensing unit for KOSY2
 MAX-Dispensing unit for KOSY3/4
The combination of software and pneumatic elements makes it easy to find a solution in many cases: Dispensing from a cartouche.

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General information

Pressure (Dispensing) and Suction are controlled via 2 relays. Both forces can be adapted to the medium and the relating conditions through pneumatic controllers.

Within nccad there is a function "pad-track-dispensing", which allows synchronization with the pads resp. the contours and makes it possible to program intervals (e.g. waiting time at the beginning of the movements, to build up pressure and get the medium ready...).

Contents of delivery:
- to be mounted to all KOSY-CNC-machines
- dispensing directly from cartouches
- holder for usual cartouches
- magnetic valves with el. connection to CNC-machine
- pressure regulator and pneumatic elements complete
- software support since nccad6
- exact quantity control via pressure and suction

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