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You want to work with our high quality machines without problems and with no delay? Have you got technical questions concerning our products?
You need "First aid" sometimes?

It may happen that your system gives an "error message", you will find help for the most frequent questions in two categories:

Category 1: Machining - Possible errors

Run-time error 13
"type mismatch"

The "regional options" (menu in der control panel of your PC) must be adapted:
"Start" => Settings => Control panel => Regional options
Change the region in the tab "General" to "German"; save it by "OK".
Or change the decimal separator from point to period, or vice versa.  
This should help in most cases.

Run-time error xxx
"out of memory"

This message is very rare and suggests different causes which, as a rule, have to do with your operating system. A disc clean-up tool helps in most cases.

Run-time error "xxx":   
"File could not be opened"

Has the file the right format? Please check the format and convert it in a compatible one, if required.

The file is possibly damaged and must be newly generated.
Another cause may be that the drawing was made in a very new version of "nccad
" and the machine has installed an older software. As nccad is not backward compatible, think about buying an update which will pay off soon!

Run-time error 11
"Division by zero"

Run-time error 6

Both messages require changes in internal program parameters, which we make for you.
In this case, please ask for a modified software version.

No access to machine

Date: January 2008

Your computer has only one USB-port

A USB-adapter for a serial interface (RS232 or also called COM-port) is a fast remedy:

  • Buy adapter, connect it and instal the driver according to instructions.

  • In most cases a COM-port with high number is generated (e.g. COM7). Our program, however, can  communicate only with COM-ports N° 1-4.

  • You must change the number of the COM-port in your operating system. Depending on the version of your operating system, the proceedings may differ. Please consult your PC-manual.

You can also setup a serial port by a PCMCIA plug-in card.

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