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KOSYportal in its present form was created in 2004. Our different profiles, tightly screwed, are the basis of construction. It is possible to cast the form to improve stiffness and vibration absorption.
The clamping and machining possibilities of the workpiece are particular: it can be machined in two ways: lying and standing upright (frontal).
The construction allows X-ways of 300, 600, 900, according to the widths of our T-slot-profiles.
Because of this construction principle, gantry-type machines cannot reach the accuracy of desktop machines.

You will get more technical information and data when you consult us >>> contact us...

We recommend to make a list of specifications before ...

  • What must be the size of the working area ?

  • What exactly shall be made by the machine?

  • How exact, how fast must it be working?

  • Which security level is necessary?

  • Which equipment?.......

There are many different solutions; have a look at some application examples...

Technical data


1 linear profile with drive on each left and right side
- Gantry principle with mech. synchronising
- Pillar on the left with 8 guided precision rollers
- Pillar on the right with 8 ball-bearing rollers
- Clearance with 300mm basis width
- surface and front milling possible
- Ballscrews
- Drive with stepper or servo motors
MultiController unit MCS
- Axes controllers for X, Y1 and Y2, Z, C, U
- Complete equipment with upgrade set
-- built in the back part of the basic body
nccad7.5, performance level Prof

For gantry type machines a special data leaflet is available ....

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