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Since June 2014 - Very special functions of nccad9

Quick & Simple STL

  • Rapid way from 3D-body to workpiece

  • CAM-strategies automatically chosen

3D Print
Together with the print equipment (extruder, filament, etc.)


  • One click, and you see the readymade workpiece.

  • Display in a separate window

Contour & Body STL
Von der Kontur zur STL-Datei

  • 6 verschiedene Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten

  • CAD-Zeichnen mit direkter Körper-Darstellung

  • Dazu ein VideoClip

Technology import

  • CAD/CAM-files of older nccad-versions are imported including technology parameters

  • Layers and technology numbers are assigned to groups

3D Scanning
Together with our scanning equipment (photo-box, rotary plate...)

  • 6 different scanning methods

  • user guide

Approach and depart

  • Tool entry by helix movements

  • Curved approach/depart

Turning & Milling extended

  • Revs for roughing and finishing

  • Improved operation

Multiple sides machining

  • Steady development for your benefit

  • By 3-axes or 4-axes machines

Macros for machining units

  • Freely programmable ON/OFF-behaviour

  • To use for all machining units


  • nccad8Prof is replaced by nccad9

  • more about nccad9....  

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