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Manual tool changing

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Decision making

To work on workpieces (to do milling, drilling, engraving a.o.m.) you need a machining unit (MU). It is fixed to the Z-table of the CNC-machine.The MU consists mainly of a spindle with a clamp to fix a tool (mill, drill, engraving router a.o.m.)

Besides the spindle head, some parts like holder, protection shield, adapter for vacuum cleaner, power supply and integration into the emergency-stop-system are required, to comply with the security rules.

The following overview shows the machining units which are available together with KOSY3
where the tools are changed manually:

BAE10K with Universal Spindle

Picture without adapter for dust collector, open hood
  • 800-Watt Universal milling motor (spindle)

  • Speed range 10.000 .... 27.000 rpm

  • Clamps 3 or 3,17 mm (for educational use) to 8 mm

  • Low purchase price

  • Sound level (without machining) approx.: 70 dB (position 1), 95 dB (position 6)

BAE55 with Servomotor (HighPower C-Axis)
Not suitable for KS3x1 and KS350

  • Like C-Axis, but more power

  • Our most progressive and modern spindle

  • Big speed range

  • Standardized collets

  • Very low sound level

More information

Decision making/Range of applications

As KOSY can be used in a wide range of applications across countless branches and professions many facts and features must be taken into account when comparing the spindles. The following table is therefore quite large. It is meant to help you with the selection of your spindle meeting your indivial needs. It can be printed as .pdf-file >>> 

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