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Update of nccad9 Turn

Date: 2017 July
Since December 2009 nccad has been able to support CNC-lathes, too. The CAD/CAM functions are especially remarkable. After nccad7.5 and nccad8 we now deliver nccad9turn.

Registered customers of nccad9turn get current updates in the course of a certain service time. The service time is restricted to a maximum of 2 years.

Currently no update is available as version 9 has been released only in July 2017. User of older versions may find upgrades in our shop

This download is suitable for machines/systems of MAXcomputer GmbH only!!
Customers of other than KOSY machines, equipped with our controller unit must not use this update.

Download of nccad9turn (not yet available)
- As
Full version for registrated customers of nccad9turn.
- As
Demo version (without save, print, machine control) for interested people without licence key.

Installation after downloading:
Start the downloaded Setup.exe file by double click, pay attention to the message box and follow the installation instructions.

List of changes in order of date:
Date: .......2017

New ........ 

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