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Based on our linear profile we can deliver linear units up to 4 meters long. This allows to realise any kind of axes for automation and positioning. The main features are:

  • Flexible drive system

  • Flexible design of the moved table

  • Wide range of data

  • Feed

  • Accuracy

  • Load

  • Individual content of delivery

  • Suitable for MultiController MCS

We would be pleased to give you advise.

Choice and information

Our extruded profile allows very economic solutions, but the technology needs first some preliminary decisions:

  • What is to be moved (how big, how heavy, how delicate...)

  • How fast is it to be moved

  • How accurate is it to be positioned

These questions lead to the choice of components of the linear unit:

  • Which drive module

  • Which sort of drive

  • Which equipment

  • Which software support

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