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Table of nccad developments

Date: November 2014

At present
the latest version of nccad is delivered on CD.  (Older versions can no longer be delivered, in case of loss, for example).

When you buy a new system/control
unit you can choose between:  

  • nccad7.5 with conservative user surface, for general applications.Nur noch bis Ende 2013 auf besonderen Wunsch und für einige OEM-Partner lieferbar.

  • nccad8 - Version for lathes

  • nccad9 - Latest version for print, mill and scan.

  • nccad/Start, our special program version for schools only, without machine control, as introductory offer. Its price will be deducted when you buy a system later. Our Start-Version is available for the latest version of nccad and directly from MAXcomputer only.

our CNC/CAD/CAM-Software for KOSY and MultiController unit MCS is available in different versions:



Delivered from ... till


First nccad version with small range of functions

since  August 1991


More functions according to your wishes

since December 1992


First version for KOSY2 (2nd machine generation)

since 1994

nccad4, 4.5

End of DOS-area

since 1997


First Windows-version

since January 2000


New conception with ICON bar

since September 2002


As nccad6+ Icons-group "Conversion" and others

since November 2004


As nccad7, for KOSY3 (3rd machine generation) + support of our new MultiController unit MCS

since June 2004


For schools only. As nccad7.5 + support of teachware literature, etc.

since September 2012


Totally new conception with graphics and tree "Drawings"

since September 2007


As nccad8 + 3D-functions + Quick&Simple STL + Turning&Milling, etc.

since December 2012


Date: February 2008

Customers of different branches use nccad in a lot of different applications. Their installation keys differ.

Such an installation key
consists of 4 blocks, separated by Points.

You will find the installation key
printed on the front of each original CD.
When you call us, please have it at hand, because it tells important details.

nccad8/9 - An overview of the installation key
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