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Date: Juillet 2017

Nous developons notre logiciel propre pour nos systèmes depuis 1991:

Le logiciel DAO/FAO/CNC
avec commande de machine directe
Du dessin à la pièce....
Dessiner (DAO) et assigner les paramètres d'usinage (Technologie) (FAO)
Programmation CN et contrôle de machine
Mais aussi .....
Colaboration avec des programmes externes
Import de DAO 2D et DAO 3D
Import code CN après DIN/ISO66025 d'un FAO externe

Version actuelle nccad

Vue d'ensemble des versions et des fonctions...

- Fonctions spéciales de nccad9
 FAO professionel, détails pratiques....... plus

- La version pour des tours nccad9turn

Une version spéciale pour notre
unité de commande MCS avec tours CNC
... voir un vidéo

Des détails sur le développement des versions nccad ici...

Logiciel pour supporter les applications:

- Firmware pour la commande (actuellement: Commande à MultiContrôleurs MCS)

- Programmes additifs

- Logiciel externe sur demande

nccad - how it began

In spring 1991 we were fed up. We had always wanted to combine a CAD-program with CAM-modules to become a complete system. I twas necessary to find software developpers who supported our ideas.But we we did not find the right persons, so we made the decision to  create our own software.

Our development team was highly motivated, financing was assured and our ideas of a complete software "From drawing to machining" was soon concrete. Late in summer 1991 the first version was realised. It is true, it had only a few functions, little comfort and was very slow, but it was accepted by our customers and it worked.

A year later
, in autumn 1992, the critical initial phase was overcome. Our customers had told us clearly, what they missed and we have coninued working at full speed. Our "child" got a name then: nccad and it had learned how to walk (the market became bigger).

One version after the other
was generated in the following years. The wishes of our customers and the progress in computer hard- and software have motivated us ever since. We have joined in the "revolution" like the transition to windows or to 32-bit operating systems and to fast computers, it has been a challenge for our software developpers.

Today, more than 20 years afterwards
, we have got nccad8 and nccad9, a professional software not only for us and our CNC-machines, but also for other machine manufacturers and users. Our experiences have confirmed our decision from 1991: We were able to realise our ideas and nccad has been sold throughout the world more than 10,000 times as so-called multiple licences and is used by ten of thousands customers. We are satisfied and can celebrate our jubilee. Let's start the new decade together with you, and say thanks to all our customers.

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