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Some details

Date: November 2012

Some good ideas, our technical possibilities and our experience allow to create a system with a small - but very smart - CNC-machine. But don't think we had cut out features compared to our other systems, the contrary is true: the machine is even more professional, it has got more functions for a larger range of applications - and we have integrated a great software with revolutionary functions: nccad9.
More information about the machine and its data >>>
 and the following remarks:

We haven't saved on:

  • ball-screws for precise positioning

  • supported linear drives with our KOSY linear profile

  • hardened linear system and ball bearings as with standard machines

  • strong proofed stepper motors

  • Multi-Controller-control unit MCS

  • connection to PC via secure serail port (USB via adapter/plug-in card)

  • microstepping, spooler

  • 5 axes controller (X. Y, Z, U (turning unit) and C (universal use for spec. spindle, dispensing units, etc.))

  • connection for machining unit (BAE) with universal motor (230V, 800W)

  • possible system extensions (switch functions, accessories/options)

  • interior lighting

  • housing for security and noise protection reasons

  • front lid with safety contact and break-proof pane

  • tested for safety

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